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The Polish-British Foundation was founded in May 2003 by Grzegorz Chruszcz and Romuald Poslednik, connected with The International House World Organisation, who have been running English Language Schools in Northern Poland since 1992. International House schools, besides quality English teaching, have always been centres of British culture. It inspired by the ideas of John and Brita Haycraft (founders of International House) who believed that learning languages improves understanding between people and nations.

Many years of experience in English teaching and gathering contacts from all over the world helped determine our decision to found The Polish-British Foundation.

Through the popularizing of the learning of the English Language, The Foundation aims to extend cultural understanding between the people of Poland and the English speaking world.

The main objectives:

  1. Supporting cultural activities with the focus on English language as an instrument for better understanding and communication between nations and cultures.
  2. Assist in raising the standards of teaching among local state English teachers (through lectures and workshops).

  3. Initiating various scientific, sporting, educational and cultural events (music concerts, exhibitions and performances) connected with UK.

  4. Support the Teaching of English to disabled children and youngsters, as well as children from families without the means to normally take classes (free scholarships).

  5. Provide easier access to the internet as well as premises for the Foundation programmes..

  6. Promoting the role of civil society.

We also intend to support projects leading to greater understanding of Polish culture and traditions in Great Britain.

We would like to co-operate and collaborate with organizations, and companies from Poland, Britain and other English speaking nations, to help us achieve our goals.

The Foundation is not a grant making organization.

Everyone with ideas who wants to cooperate with the Foundation please contact us

The Polish-British Foundation acknowledges support from IH Bydgoszcz and IH Torun
The Polish-British Foundation provides an exciting opportunity for companies, trusts, foundations and individuals to become involved with Polish-British cultural exchange. Contact Romuald Poslednik poslednik@inthouse.pl to understand how you can support us.