Charitable events and projects
  1. English Dictation. The third edition in May 2005, of the dictation competition in English for children from secondary and high schools. There were 1700 pupils who took part in it in 2003 and almost 3000 in the second edition in 2004! With the help of Polish Radio Programme 1, the elimination text, recorded by the famous English actor Alan Rickman, was broadcast nationwide!

  2. Equal Opportunity Project. . Sponsoring 32 pupils in Bydgoszcz and Torun with free, one-year English courses in 2003/2004 school year and 22 pupils in 2004/2005. Together with Polska Akcja Humanitarna.

  3. Winter in Town Project. Taking care of 30 children in Bydgoszcz during the winter holiday break in January 2004. The Foundation provided the location and a cultural programme lasting 10 days, with 5 hours each day. Most of the activities took place in English, and focused on English culture. Participating in "British Days" cultural programme at "Dom Harcerza" in Toruń. Together with Polska Akcja Humanitarna and English Speaking Union.

  4. Cambridge - Bydgoszcz Boat Race. Organizing and inviting together with International House the Cambridge alumni crew to visit Bydgoszcz and take part in the 13 th Annual Great Race on the Brda River in eights rowing competition. Organizing a rematch between Bydgoszcz Academy and the Cambridge Boat Race crews on the Thames in London on 27 February 2005.


  1. English Far Away Project. Organizing English Culture Days together with teaching English by native speakers in the remote secondary schools in the countryside.

  2. Teacher Training Project. Teacher training days for Polish teachers of English from local, state secondary schools.

  3. Different Teaching Project. Working out a system of help and collaboration with the local Institute for Deaf and Dumb Children for teaching English.

  4. Study Abroad Project. Helping to find grants for talented and promising young people who wish to study in England.

  5. Change the Place Project. Sending Polish children to England and bringing English children to Poland. Staying with families and making new friends.

Planned cultural events and projects

  1. Meetings with Remarkable Brits. Meeting them in either Bydgoszcz or Torun, at the International House schools, once a month.

  2. On-line internet chat with Remarkable Brits. Co-operating with one of the biggest Polish internet portals.

  3. Photographic gallery. In the IH Bydgoszcz school. Exhibitions of young, promising, British photographers.

  4. Film Club. Films shown in the club in Bydgoszcz. Possibility of meetings with film makers.

  5. Music. Organizing concerts of different kinds of British music.

  6. Travellers club. Meetings with explorers and travelers.

  7. Other projects. We can accommodate up to 12 people in Bydgoszcz during the summer. We have 16 classrooms with TV and internet connections, a conference room for up to 30 people and the club for up to 60 people with TV-sat, internet and cabling prepared to set up a small cinema with surround system.